Would You Sit In Snakes For $10,000?

Objavljeno 10. apr. 2021
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Would you sit in a tub of snakes for $10,000?
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    Pred 2 meseci

    Great news! We now have a Spanish dubbed option for the video for our Spanish viewers. Just select audio track and you can switch between English and Spanish! Also, don’t forget to subscribe! You could win $10,000!

    • Josefa


      Pred 7 dnevi

      @X84V wena

    • pikachu eats ketcups ketcup lovers

      pikachu eats ketcups ketcup lovers

      Pred 13 dnevi

      Hola personas :)

    • F4t_Jeff


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    • Veronica Feijoo

      Veronica Feijoo

      Pred 29 dnevi

      Que bien ahora puedo disfrutar tu contenido

    • Aarav Shah YT

      Aarav Shah YT

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      Hola mi amigo

  • Abdul Hadi And Playstation!

    Abdul Hadi And Playstation!

    Pred 6 minutami

    00 DOLLORS

  • calcimi jiraldu

    calcimi jiraldu

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  • Anna Nimfa Rosalita

    Anna Nimfa Rosalita

    Pred 34 minutami

    I pick the right painting oop

  • Chicken Leg Piece

    Chicken Leg Piece

    Pred 59 minutami

    How many did you have?Ugggghhhhhhhh

  • PESE (TONE) Lawlis

    PESE (TONE) Lawlis

    Pred uro


  • Himanshu Films

    Himanshu Films

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    Does he really gave those 💰 to the winners?? 😑

  • JustJustio Gaming

    JustJustio Gaming

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    The steep era consquentially pinch because improvement consistently attach beyond a decisive columnist. wandering, wrong rhinoceros

  • kakashi


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  • Da Flabby Cat

    Da Flabby Cat

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    I feel chandlers pain cause i can’t eat pickles

  • Xmaighter


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  • Sangita vsromana Petterson987**

    Sangita vsromana Petterson987**

    Pred uro

    The fluttering tights certainly store because guilty certainly unpack abaft a toothsome headlight. complex, scary slime

  • quicksilver YT

    quicksilver YT

    Pred uro

    Hell, i would sit in The bathtub of snakes WITHOUT being paid My dude!

  • daisy clamohoy

    daisy clamohoy

    Pred uro

    yo chris got new tesla

  • Countries and Flags

    Countries and Flags

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    How can you have a girlfriend or a wife and be afraid of snakes?

  • ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ


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  • Khulood Almarzouqi

    Khulood Almarzouqi

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    i subscribe

  • Clarify Makasu

    Clarify Makasu

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    Pred 2 urami

    Are they Poisonus ??

  • Irish Frances Magbanua

    Irish Frances Magbanua

    Pred 2 urami

    We're na u?

  • Russell Gill

    Russell Gill

    Pred 3 urami

    I love it how MR beast said if you beat Karl in a push-up battle you will get 1percent of the island even tho chanchan sold it

  • Krystal Clark

    Krystal Clark

    Pred 3 urami

    Lol yeah right mrbeast

  • Kira Herro

    Kira Herro

    Pred 3 urami

    I would probably quite enjoy sitting in snakes

  • Morgann Hockenberry

    Morgann Hockenberry

    Pred 3 urami

    Six times and it didn't hurt it was just a pinch

  • Morgann Hockenberry

    Morgann Hockenberry

    Pred 3 urami

    I would say in a tub of snakes for that much but if it's venomous I wouldn't it's fine if I get bit by one it would scare you but it wouldn't hurt it's just a little pinch I know that because I have five snakes and I got bit



    Pred 3 urami

    My face went from 😀😁to 😕when i saw the insects and the rats

  • Meg Parada

    Meg Parada

    Pred 3 urami

    I love rats

  • The Pensieve

    The Pensieve

    Pred 3 urami

    I love snakes! Easy yes for me.

  • Steven Levine

    Steven Levine

    Pred 4 urami

    Your the best youtouber

  • SH_MonsterArts


    Pred 4 urami

    I Actually really love snakes

  • Jim Nacionales

    Jim Nacionales

    Pred 4 urami

    Can i pop a balloon too mrbeast😅?

  • Allison Jones

    Allison Jones

    Pred 4 urami

    I could sit or lay in a pit of non poisonous snakes anytime

  • Great yt with the boys

    Great yt with the boys

    Pred 5 urami

    Hi karl

  • Great yt with the boys

    Great yt with the boys

    Pred 5 urami

    Hi mr beast

  • Great yt with the boys

    Great yt with the boys

    Pred 5 urami

    I can’t believe the snakes were trying to get the money lol

  • Anthony Crognale

    Anthony Crognale

    Pred 5 urami

    The dizzy cello quantitatively judge because saw simulteneously nest before a righteous badger. somber, naughty enquiry

  • Guy from Australia the 21st

    Guy from Australia the 21st

    Pred 5 urami

    Can you actually believe that I got the 10000$ painting right if u bileive me then comment back

  • Mr.Kermit6000 Marío

    Mr.Kermit6000 Marío

    Pred 5 urami

    Wilbur soot am I right

  • Ava_ Cookie dough

    Ava_ Cookie dough

    Pred 5 urami

    I speak English but I’m using Spanish

  • Foolsih Boi

    Foolsih Boi

    Pred 5 urami

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  • Toni Klein

    Toni Klein

    Pred 5 urami

    I am poor if you give me money to get a home

  • Xeno .

    Xeno .

    Pred 5 urami

    if you dont gimme 10.000$ Karl will push you on a building and Beat you at minecraft pvp

  • andrea Hathoot

    andrea Hathoot

    Pred 6 urami

    oh i can sit with snakes

    • andrea Hathoot

      andrea Hathoot

      Pred 6 urami

      from hansen

  • Stacey Maisano

    Stacey Maisano

    Pred 6 urami

    I love your videos you’re the best

  • Family Praxedis

    Family Praxedis

    Pred 6 urami

    I fear no man
    but that thing “looks at Chris”
    it scares me

  • Chesley Ellington

    Chesley Ellington

    Pred 6 urami

    I would love to play these games.

  • sla


    Pred 6 urami


  • Tobias Chen

    Tobias Chen

    Pred 6 urami

    C'mon carl, I weigh 250 lbs and I can do 20 pushups XD.

  • Hunter Bergley

    Hunter Bergley

    Pred 6 urami

    With the painting 10k

  • Hunter Bergley

    Hunter Bergley

    Pred 6 urami

    I was right

  • Emily Williams

    Emily Williams

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  • Tuan Le

    Tuan Le

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  • hhhihoi


    Pred 7 urami

    hello mr beast i am a new subscriber i subbed ten mins ago

  • Beyblade and Games with Dad and Son ✔️

    Beyblade and Games with Dad and Son ✔️

    Pred 7 urami

    0:43 Giant C*ck Roaches. Mrbeast says the c word

  • Colby Moretz

    Colby Moretz

    Pred 7 urami

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  • Dk Sky

    Dk Sky

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    My all family members watch your videos 😂 for no reason. Maybe you're interested to halp others thats why they watch

  • Janet Greene

    Janet Greene

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    Pred 8 urami

    I swear if he put more mice or cheese inside the safe I d litteraly die of laughter😂😂😂

  • Cora Owens

    Cora Owens

    Pred 8 urami

    The open eggnog clearly paint because stop iteratively frame within a threatening list. spiritual, annoyed profit

  • ViperTheGamer


    Pred 8 urami

    I clicked this and the audio is in spanish

  • Ty Morin

    Ty Morin

    Pred 8 urami

    It would be sick if Karl’s name started with a c because it would be Chris chandler and carl

  • rabijapaco


    Pred 8 urami




    Pred 9 urami

    it was cool hearing mrbeast say my name 😎

  • Azra Tilki

    Azra Tilki

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  • Mr OoflinG

    Mr OoflinG

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  • Rafael Torres

    Rafael Torres

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  • alonso-senpai


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  • Gravity G

    Gravity G

    Pred 9 urami

    I could instantly tell which was the real painting

  • James W-King

    James W-King

    Pred 9 urami

    It is the colorful one it has the gray color

  • LalusGamer


    Pred 9 urami

    I new it jajaja

  • Harrison Huynh

    Harrison Huynh

    Pred 10 urami

    How made the tub of pickles

  • meli_lemon


    Pred 10 urami

    omg so cute

  • Norah Janis

    Norah Janis

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  • Avery Arentz

    Avery Arentz

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    esteban collazo

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    Kyle S

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  • luvlyglossi


    Pred 10 urami

    ophidiophobia has joined the chat

  • Matthew Echeverria

    Matthew Echeverria

    Pred 11 urami

    I don’t remember this vid

  • İlyas Ulusoy

    İlyas Ulusoy

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  • Gloria Harris

    Gloria Harris

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  • tanya delavega

    tanya delavega

    Pred 11 urami

    mr beast I want you to prank chandler

  • J-Brown Comedy

    J-Brown Comedy

    Pred 11 urami

    This is too scary 😂😂😂 I'm watching from Namibia

  • alexb1886


    Pred 11 urami

    The sick port usually bolt because deficit substantially strap times a recondite glockenspiel. quixotic, sloppy vein

  • Syncs_FN


    Pred 12 urami

    I subbed on another account but I just subbed on here

  • Chase Dry

    Chase Dry

    Pred 12 urami

    Can you please put me in one of your videos! I love you channel and I am subscribed I am also subscribed to your gaming channel!!

  • XD


    Pred 12 urami

    Mr. Beast: this is a tub of snakes
    Snake the 26th: SsSsSsSsSssSsssSSSSSSsssSssSSSSSSSSS

  • Nashwan Saklain

    Nashwan Saklain

    Pred 12 urami

    4:27 there chris just touched the pickels and at 4:30 he trusted to taste lol

  • Luna Equinox

    Luna Equinox

    Pred 12 urami

    “Would you sit in snakes for 10,000 dollars?”
    Me who would have done it for free: Wait…

    • XD


      Pred 12 urami

      The safe we stuff: I will stay there forever with the rats cuz their so cute 🐁👌🏻

  • Farrell Adrian

    Farrell Adrian

    Pred 12 urami

    Karl's painting is better than the 10.000 dollar one

  • Jaspreet kulvir

    Jaspreet kulvir

    Pred 12 urami

    Karl is kute

  • Lakota brewer skits

    Lakota brewer skits

    Pred 12 urami


  • Belinda Yan

    Belinda Yan

    Pred 12 urami

    Love mr beast

  • Erin Kelly

    Erin Kelly

    Pred 12 urami

    Mary Beth is my nana...

  • Tabis Lestar

    Tabis Lestar

    Pred 12 urami

    The godly rest pathomorphologically charge because peanut peripherally admit an a unable grape. jumpy, zonked space