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This weeks #SidemenSunday we've tried something new. 2 Sidemen teams, 2 very different holidays. Let us know if you enjoyed!
Sidemen Clothing:
● Miniminter:
● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:

  • Belle Chan

    Belle Chan

    Pred uro

    The way vik said "but it not"😂🤣

  • StoxRise


    Pred 4 urami


  • Harley Tiddy

    Harley Tiddy

    Pred 4 urami

    13:51and 15:00 jj was really trying to be posh 😂😂🤣🤣

  • EllieOinks


    Pred 6 urami

    ksi literally gave the taxi driver £60 instead of £9 what a legend

  • Eli Candy

    Eli Candy

    Pred 11 urami

    15:43 watch this bit with your eyes closed...

    • Eli Candy

      Eli Candy

      Pred 11 urami

      Listen to the “ugh UGH”

  • Johnfromafar


    Pred 13 urami

    Damn this was 2 years ago

  • Billy Bao

    Billy Bao

    Pred 17 urami

    50:54 - 50:57 😂

  • Sinuanua Yandall

    Sinuanua Yandall

    Pred 18 urami

    bruh how is jj the lucky ya know oml

  • The Totally Normal Family

    The Totally Normal Family

    Pred dnevom

    The dissesprect to the 10000 dollar hotel and the waiters smh

  • Moolly Smithy

    Moolly Smithy

    Pred dnevom

    JJ-screaming in the taxi
    Taxi driver-stop.
    JJ-sorry man story rules are rules

  • WillyDap


    Pred dnevom

    no body going to talk about this? 56:16

  • No name

    No name

    Pred dnevom

    bruv my house is bigger than easy hotel

  • Noah E

    Noah E

    Pred dnevom

    What Folabi thinks a good holiday is vs what Babarunde thinks a good holiday is

  • Cesar Miranda

    Cesar Miranda

    Pred dnevom

    Let me say this once, WE WANT MORE

  • SeiZMiC


    Pred dnevom

    24:00 thank me later

  • Cathy Evans

    Cathy Evans

    Pred dnevom
    💜👌°°° 🔞🅿️🆁🅸🆅🅰️🆃🅴🅽🆄🅳🅴🔞°° 👌

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    (如山核桃 !

  • Car Freaks25

    Car Freaks25

    Pred dnevom

    Why they saying dollar there from and I’m the uk it’s POUNDS £££££££

    • Alex Brash

      Alex Brash

      Pred 22 urami

      SLshows algorithm

  • Lucas Cottin

    Lucas Cottin

    Pred dnevom

    "were they got Champaign, weve got easing-pain" made my day

  • Jack Byram

    Jack Byram

    Pred dnevom

    Tell Me Why The Bartender Dapped Up JJ and Toby, And Then Simon (the only white person on the team) gets a handshake😂

  • Jack Jones

    Jack Jones

    Pred 2 dnevi

    I bet the driver of the Rolls Royce must be expecting to drive them to a nice house or a penthouse but no it was an easy hotel

  • Remy Chandra

    Remy Chandra

    Pred 2 dnevi

    When Harry and vik and eathan they were playing juice wrld

  • PLAY_time


    Pred 2 dnevi

    0:43 = my PE class when the PE teacher picks teams.

  • IPlayGames Dude

    IPlayGames Dude

    Pred 2 dnevi

    Bruh the transition between joyous red team and bummed out blue team is just so...



    Pred 2 dnevi

    58:49 what is that hoodie that JJ is wearing?

    • Xct8


      Pred dnevom

      Thinking the same

  • Max Tracey

    Max Tracey

    Pred 2 dnevi

    JJ doesn’t understand how he actually just made that taxi drivers day and that is what makes JJ so humble

  • senpaicrime


    Pred 2 dnevi

    i like how JJ and Tobi are like "WASSSUPPP MAN'' and Simon is just like ''hi'' when the saw the black man



    Pred 2 dnevi


  • himal dutta

    himal dutta

    Pred 2 dnevi

    JJ never been called master in his life to Lord the times change

  • Viccinate


    Pred 2 dnevi

    Started from master JJ, now he’s Lord KSI

  • Myst_ Desendant

    Myst_ Desendant

    Pred 2 dnevi

    17:39 communism at its finest

  • Mateo Hecimovic

    Mateo Hecimovic

    Pred 2 dnevi

    Imagine spending a night at a irl website

    • Xct8


      Pred dnevom

      Wth is that pfp🤣💀

  • oli ross831

    oli ross831

    Pred 2 dnevi


  • Anonn Nymous

    Anonn Nymous

    Pred 2 dnevi

    JJ: “i’ve never seen a pool table that big.”
    Me as an anerican: “well that’s normal size here in america.”

  • Reardan Murphy

    Reardan Murphy

    Pred 2 dnevi


  • Stealth


    Pred 2 dnevi

    33:37 I love that shot when it goes from red chairs to blue chairs symbolising the team colours. Very clever 🔥

  • crispy


    Pred 3 dnevi

    25:23 *charlie d’amelio took that personally*

  • ChillerKillaXCX


    Pred 3 dnevi

    I swear I could hear Robbery by juice wrld when Ethan vik and harry were on da bus

  • Quake


    Pred 3 dnevi

    how did this not get 1 mil likes, yet the mukbang did?

  • tanjiro komada

    tanjiro komada

    Pred 3 dnevi


  • Anju Nahar

    Anju Nahar

    Pred 3 dnevi

    I watched all these vs videos so MANY times but I absolutely love them

  • Carlos Caballero

    Carlos Caballero

    Pred 3 dnevi

    evil jj hiting again 26:30

  • Carlos Caballero

    Carlos Caballero

    Pred 3 dnevi

    What an evil laugh jj 20:58

  • Vaanyaa Kallur

    Vaanyaa Kallur

    Pred 3 dnevi


  • Vicki Star

    Vicki Star

    Pred 3 dnevi

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  • rinjs 43

    rinjs 43

    Pred 3 dnevi

    Why they hating on Ethan

  • Meatball Selk

    Meatball Selk

    Pred 3 dnevi

    When Ethan woke up and spoke while yawning 😂

  • podge126


    Pred 3 dnevi

    Just me who heard juice wrld robbery on the bus

  • Aayush Kumar

    Aayush Kumar

    Pred 3 dnevi

    banger video

  • Theodore Fosteragg

    Theodore Fosteragg

    Pred 4 dnevi

    Cup of diabetes😂😂

  • DariusL _

    DariusL _

    Pred 4 dnevi

    Vikk’s laughter at 18:18 had me 😂😂

  • Nathan Trayner

    Nathan Trayner

    Pred 4 dnevi

    Why does JJ eat that sandwich like that 😂

  • Phantom Phreak

    Phantom Phreak

    Pred 4 dnevi

    i just rewatched this again and harry's trim is dead af in this vid

  • Cradleblaze


    Pred 4 dnevi


  • Lūkass Kleins

    Lūkass Kleins

    Pred 5 dnevi

    I hope harry is joking

  • bullenjao1


    Pred 5 dnevi

    Damn i starting to dislike simon...

  • Chris D

    Chris D

    Pred 5 dnevi

    Definitely one of the best sidemen videos

  • yobutsy


    Pred 5 dnevi

    we dont have shampayne,we got ethan payne -harry

  • Why Not

    Why Not

    Pred 5 dnevi

    The way Simon just shakes the dudes hands after the way jj and Tobi dapped him up is just hilarious lmao

  • Herwitara Rayhan11

    Herwitara Rayhan11

    Pred 5 dnevi

    49:42 underrated quote

  • AshBeg


    Pred 5 dnevi


  • Wilbur Norris

    Wilbur Norris

    Pred 5 dnevi

    Harry: I’ve been given these bags
    Me: by how? Illuminati noise*

  • GSW Default

    GSW Default

    Pred 5 dnevi

    Who else can’t wait for the fourth one?

  • Kate Knight

    Kate Knight

    Pred 5 dnevi

    Wish the thumnail dident give it away

  • Antonio Ray

    Antonio Ray

    Pred 5 dnevi

    11:34 watta 😂

  • Kate Knight

    Kate Knight

    Pred 5 dnevi

    Josh litrally looks like javk whitehall

  • Yasin Ismail

    Yasin Ismail

    Pred 5 dnevi

    When jj was giving the taxi fair money, was I the only one finding awkward

  • omar beez

    omar beez

    Pred 5 dnevi

    Yahahahahahha a cup of diabetes hahahah I got diabetes at the age of 2 and I’m 13 sad 😢

  • Titanium Shadow 42

    Titanium Shadow 42

    Pred 5 dnevi

    Ethan:They don’t have to know vik
    Vik: We must commit to the content

  • Retr0swag99


    Pred 5 dnevi

    It’s still crazy that Ksi tipped the taxi driver half of the price of the blue teams whole vacation and the red teams toilet are bigger than each of the blue team’s room

  • Thalia Ebony

    Thalia Ebony

    Pred 5 dnevi

    can we talk about how funny Ethan is at the end when he’s talking through his yawns

  • Yenny Burgos

    Yenny Burgos

    Pred 5 dnevi

    29:18 the women dident even look at them

  • Connor Thompson

    Connor Thompson

    Pred 6 dnevi

    Harry: "Ethans on a hangover but hair on a dog" cuts straight to jj: " Yo look at that dog!"

  • Connor Thompson

    Connor Thompson

    Pred 6 dnevi

    Theory: is hot masseuse girl JJ's current girlfriend? If so damnnn

  • Mr_bacon


    Pred 6 dnevi

    At 32:10 there was two swedish people talking i know this because im swedish xD

  • Martim Curdia G08

    Martim Curdia G08

    Pred 6 dnevi

    i honestly loved the drivers reaction to jj giving him 60 quid. heartwarming moment right there

    • Mihir Borker

      Mihir Borker

      Pred 23 urami


    • Marmite Pudding

      Marmite Pudding

      Pred 6 dnevi

      i know right



    Pred 6 dnevi

    JJ- “I’ve never seen a pool table this big”
    Everyone else- it’s a snooker table mate

  • Legendary Loebie

    Legendary Loebie

    Pred 6 dnevi

    i cant believe its been 2 years

  • MrEA


    Pred 6 dnevi

    money can not buy happiness😂

  • Itsme yash

    Itsme yash

    Pred 6 dnevi

    i really wanna see Harry crying

  • ChaChi


    Pred 6 dnevi

    Tobi’s walk-in closet bigger than my room wtf 😭

  • ChaChi


    Pred 6 dnevi

    14:24 🤣

  • joshua kamau

    joshua kamau

    Pred 6 dnevi

    Simon and JJ celebrating, love it

  • Aiden


    Pred 6 dnevi


    • Obi Wan Plays

      Obi Wan Plays

      Pred 6 dnevi


  • Re: Al

    Re: Al

    Pred 6 dnevi

    23:05 bruh the look on JJ's face

  • Roman Bear

    Roman Bear

    Pred 6 dnevi

    18:23 Vikk laughing like that 😆

  • Josiah Prewette

    Josiah Prewette

    Pred 6 dnevi

    Today's a good day, so let's have a cup of diabetes!

  • Oisín


    Pred 7 dnevi

    This video was sick but how josh has developed it every single time to make it better is unreal

  • Lieutenant Wolf

    Lieutenant Wolf

    Pred 7 dnevi

    Me seeing that the blue team got the rolls royce: Ye there gonna win lel
    Also me seeing Red team got the good one: Ohhhhhhhh thats why they had 2 post not 3 ;-;

  • Kasper Zylstra

    Kasper Zylstra

    Pred 7 dnevi

    that one bit of hair on KSI's head lol - 7:13

  • Nihaal SP

    Nihaal SP

    Pred 7 dnevi

    Josh don't do the randomizer bs for the next holiday, it needs to be Harry, jj n tobi in the bad team. Simon, vik and ethan in the good team!

  • Theta


    Pred 7 dnevi

    Love sidemen glad hey get to enjoy this, although i always imagine it from loser teams side lol ;( lower class ftw

  • David Do Yo Dance

    David Do Yo Dance

    Pred 7 dnevi

    These dudes put so many damn Ads on their videos, no wonder they make so much money... cuz they’re nothing but money hungry ppl lmfao

    • Harshit Chopra

      Harshit Chopra

      Pred 7 dnevi

      if u got a problem...dont watch lmao



    Pred 7 dnevi

    I'm like jj putting lots of sugar in my tea.

  • Senpai_Jayy


    Pred 7 dnevi

    banger video everytime i watch

  • Luke Turner

    Luke Turner

    Pred 7 dnevi

    Did Josh fund this with his own money

  • ARA 08

    ARA 08

    Pred 7 dnevi

    “CouQUiN SEin-JaK”

  • Izabella braylon

    Izabella braylon

    Pred 7 dnevi

    The fluttering secretary locally battle because believe ethically answer inside a wiry station. enchanted, pumped shingle

  • Ewan Jones

    Ewan Jones

    Pred 8 dnevi


  • YouJustMad


    Pred 8 dnevi

    Sidemen house in 5 yrs

  • Olivia Brodarick

    Olivia Brodarick

    Pred 8 dnevi

    “Bro, that’s ridiculous. That’s like...two tobi s” HAHAAHAHAH JJ 20:48