First REACTION to "Rock Music" Twenty One Pilots ( The Hype )

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  • LayedBakDFR


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    🔥I DARE YOU SHARE THIS 🔥What should be my next Rock and Roll 🎸/ Metal/ Country reaction🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ Drop it 👇🏽👇🏽

    • Legendary3Dgamer


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      By away LayedBakDFR there 2 brand new twenty one pilots songs that you haven’t reacted to 1 is called shy away and the second one is called Choker go check them out I’ll be subscribed so I get to see the reactions don’t ignore the comment because there great songs and there’s a new album called icy and scaly dropping in 21st of may 2021 by twenty one pilots please react to there new songs plz

    • Lola Hallett

      Lola Hallett

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      Luv it

    • Alexandria Lowe

      Alexandria Lowe

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      I am stone by Demon Hunter.

    • Hiro


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      listen to "Leave the City"

    • Nichole Venable

      Nichole Venable

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      I wrote an explaination of this video in the comments for you.

  • Nicholas Gagnon

    Nicholas Gagnon

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    My favorite twenty one pilots song

  • Seamus Johnson

    Seamus Johnson

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    Layedbak... When you gonna trash or pass the new twenty one pilots album

  • Mattias Mendeloff

    Mattias Mendeloff

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  • Anshu Slomka

    Anshu Slomka

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    top is pretty epic

  • The Nerdytoons

    The Nerdytoons

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    Trust me choker is amazing

  • Andrew O'Grady

    Andrew O'Grady

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    Twenty one pilots is a pass all day bro they are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Grumpy Tal

    Grumpy Tal

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  • JS03


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    You are a Black Chinese lul

  • Lucas Henrique

    Lucas Henrique

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    react to their show at Lollapalooza
    the performances are incredible

  • Im_Spikey


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    Is it jus

  • Jango Speed

    Jango Speed

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    Sometimes i forget i was in this video and then i see it in my recommended and get hyped again

  • Arif 1989

    Arif 1989

    Pred 6 meseci

    Twenty one pilots - doubt

  • Teresa Mendoza

    Teresa Mendoza

    Pred 6 meseci

    Kitchen Sink next please

  • Jared Chandler

    Jared Chandler

    Pred 7 meseci

    My personal favorite Twenty One Pilots song...can’t wait to see them again...I miss them

  • iczorro the guy

    iczorro the guy

    Pred 7 meseci

    It looks like you haven't covered their "Level of Concern" quarantine song. It's a gem.

  • Shane Hoseth

    Shane Hoseth

    Pred 8 meseci

    I absolutely love this band, but whoever told you this was rock music could not be more wrong

  • drew


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    so they fall back to the empty room and keep going... So its saying that they'll keep up what they're doing no matter the size of the audience they have?

  • Shane Hoseth

    Shane Hoseth

    Pred 8 meseci

    This isn't Rock, but its damn good music for sure

  • IanTheGreat


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    Did you actually just call 21 pilots "Rock".........

  • Shane Hoseth

    Shane Hoseth

    Pred 9 meseci

    LOL who the fuck called this rock? One of my fave of all time but definitiely not rock rofl

  • Blörgus Feörgus

    Blörgus Feörgus

    Pred 10 meseci

    I’m on a marothon for his twenty one pilots reactions and I’ve memorized his intro and outro

  • Jae ar

    Jae ar

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    Has a year 2000 vibe

  • lil bb

    lil bb

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  • InkedupKK


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    His voice is butter 💯

  • InkedupKK


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  • David Budjski

    David Budjski

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    Ajr - good part

  • Jana Gifford

    Jana Gifford

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    They’re their own genre, as they use so many different genres and mix multiples into one song!
    Enjoy the ride…

  • MiAtCh


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    I love your dedication and hard work my friend. I'm glad I found your channel, Twenty One Pilots have helped me through a fuck ton of hardships. I am a disabled veteran, single father and fighting the state of NC for help. I just buried my 17 year old cat who was such an amazing pet. It is so hard these days, especially with the way this country is behaving nowadays. #BLM & Respect friend.

  • Michaela Hensley

    Michaela Hensley

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    I own the exact same blue metallic bottle! O..O 👍

  • Grabe


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    Why he skippin and shit

  • Natalie Rose

    Natalie Rose

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    I'm a huge twenty one pilots fan, so first of all they considered their genre to be schizo-pop with rock elements and rap beats so just thought I'd throw that out there

  • prunella pedinkle

    prunella pedinkle

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    Out of Columbus friends use their childhood homes in stressed them n I'm 55

  • Primel John Libando

    Primel John Libando

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    Guys pls subscribe to my youtube im new Lol

  • Primel John Libando

    Primel John Libando

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    Really like ur vidoes layedback

  • rekt_by_benシ


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    His head: 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙂

  • Monk.


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    Ode to sleep definitely need to check out shows how they started from nothing to thousands of people watching them

  • Marshmallow fluff Monster

    Marshmallow fluff Monster

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    Does anyone know what the intro song is called?

  • Daniel Deranger

    Daniel Deranger

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    Who's your favourite drummer

  • Neddy


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    Do jumpsuit by twenty one pilots

  • 312 Sports Dood

    312 Sports Dood

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    Please do Twenty One Pilots-Ride

  • Luis Silva

    Luis Silva

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    I believe this music is talking about their carrier and how they see it....for example when they fall and they keep singing and the "i dont believe the hype" means what everyone knows....they have no standard

  • Paulo Suarez

    Paulo Suarez

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    Ur cringy men.... lOl

  • Niki Nichole

    Niki Nichole

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    I loveee your reactions

  • Niki Nichole

    Niki Nichole

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    Nico and the niners!!!!

  • Oli Taylor

    Oli Taylor

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    This track so good man, this is one of those songs you play walking down the steps of a plane about to get fucked up for the next two weeks.

  • Clxmp-_-Up


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    They dropped a new song called “level of concern!!!!”

  • Simp for Jacob bae *f boy emoji*

    Simp for Jacob bae *f boy emoji*

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    4:26 it’s da guy from Chlorine

  • lyla


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    the actors in the video were actual fans!! they invited 18+ fans to be on the set!! so that makes it more personal to them too

  • Julian Jaure

    Julian Jaure

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  • Matthew Glass

    Matthew Glass

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    Anyone else wanna see how he reacted to Rap god 😂

  • Pengu


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    Listen to Addict With a Pen

  • Jamie LynnB

    Jamie LynnB

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    Columbus, Ohio! And they literally saved my life! And there is so much more to all of it! Love that you get a lot of their messages correct!

  • Katelyn Omahony

    Katelyn Omahony

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    You should react to “level of concern” by twenty one pilots it’s a different style of what they usually sing but it’s so good

  • The Terrarian

    The Terrarian

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    4:26 is that ned?

  • Dale Chodrick

    Dale Chodrick

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    I'd say check out isle of flightless birds

  • franz wetrfres

    franz wetrfres

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    The Hype is one of their best songs hands down

  • el


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    for a fraction of a second you can see the back of my head in the bigger crowd :)

  • babo geee

    babo geee

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    bro you’ve GOT to do more twenty one pilots reactions they’re soo good

  • Wilbur Valdes

    Wilbur Valdes

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    I love twenty one pilots don’t get me wrong but the music videos looks like a guy who just learned how to play a song and then went to a concert but I like that it’s different form most songs and really good I mean twenty one pilots is the literal best band right now but that’s an opinion you can think whatever you want

  • H3R8I3


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    Its indie rock smh

  • JohnnyAppleW33D


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    Alternative Rock will rule the world! It's the perfect mix of everything in one!

  • Poolywaq Polina

    Poolywaq Polina

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    And again, new comment for an old video, but why do you have to speed up the music video? You know that many of 21Ps fans watching their fav song over and over and listen you guys react and express yourself about them. Don't wanna sound crazy, hehe. But I'm probably kinda. Still, keep the music flow, uninterrupted, and enjoy the trip 😏

  • con cert

    con cert

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    Please listen to twentyone pilots x mutemash

  • The Pat

    The Pat

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    They are from my home city of Columbus Ohio!!!!!!

  • Nolan Herndon

    Nolan Herndon

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    Addict with a pen
    Kitchen sink

  • artyfm


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    4:26 the monster from chlorine again :O

  • Zachary Kitchen

    Zachary Kitchen

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    The video shows the progression of there band but with fam comes greed and fake friends “the hype”. And to make truly good music they must go bake to the beginning

  • Xendar WR

    Xendar WR

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    Welcome to white people music. We don’t bite but we sing about mental health problems. LOL 😝

  • ulfragnarsson


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    Really nice production on the video man, nicely done!

  • magic midget

    magic midget

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    Other one that thinks he looks like ladies wreck looks like he ate something sour

  • Tiago Pereira

    Tiago Pereira

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    Please do jumpsuit

  • Bob Flemmet

    Bob Flemmet

    Pred letom

    1:36 is where to start if you want to see just the video reaction

  • Ananaspan 24

    Ananaspan 24

    Pred letom

    try Tear in my heart by Twenty One Pilots)

  • Stephen Mackenzie

    Stephen Mackenzie

    Pred letom

    1:48 - the moment LayedBak unknowingly joined the Clique

  • Captain Gene

    Captain Gene

    Pred letom

    A friend of mine is in this music video!!

  • Diane castagna

    Diane castagna

    Pred letom

    Please listen to some more of the TRENCH stuff...💛💛💛

  • Loutish Dragon

    Loutish Dragon

    Pred letom

    Try "leave the city" man

  • Jack and the kittens

    Jack and the kittens

    Pred letom

    Tyler Joseph (singer) - was born Dec. 1st, 1988, Columbus, Ohio... where I live XD
    They make songs about them going through the struggles of depression and rebuilding his life after it was destroyed by well, depression
    Josh Dun(The drummer) - June 18, 1988, Culumbus, Ohio.

  • Isabella


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    Where are these people from?

  • T-Bone_2 7

    T-Bone_2 7

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    Their from Columbus Ohio

  • T-Bone_2 7

    T-Bone_2 7

    Pred letom

    Him: "What kind of music do they make?"
    Tyler: "yes"

  • Justine Galecto

    Justine Galecto

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    Legend:by Twenty one pilots

  • Justine Galecto

    Justine Galecto

    Pred letom

    My Blood :by Twenty one pilots

  • TSF


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    No one:
    Literally no one:
    LayedBak listening to TØP:

  • Timothy Zicafoose

    Timothy Zicafoose

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    All stressed out. 21 pilots

  • Ayaan


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    Bro review harry styles

  • maxximus1969


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    Do Wretch 32 v Avelino fire in the booth.

  • Chris c

    Chris c

    Pred letom

    migrane thats the song you need to do

  • Nick Dietz

    Nick Dietz

    Pred letom

    Get this man to do Heathens by these guys it so 🔥

  • Hanshaw hanshaw

    Hanshaw hanshaw

    Pred letom

    Have you done kitchen sink, it gives me goosebumps, it's so, I don't know, layedback, tell us what you think!!! I challenge you xxxx

  • Blair Davis

    Blair Davis

    Pred letom

    You should do a reaction on Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots

  • Christy B

    Christy B

    Pred letom

    Stressed Out , Ride , chlorine - twenty one pilots!

  • Just Leo ØwØ

    Just Leo ØwØ

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  • Kid Krusher Gamin'

    Kid Krusher Gamin'

    Pred letom

    He didn't leave the video til' the END!!

  • MxTyJo


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  • Carlos- loyde

    Carlos- loyde

    Pred letom

    This video is the Twenty Øne Pilots life carrear sorry for my english im mexican jaja

  • Death in a Blanket

    Death in a Blanket

    Pred letom

    ok so twenty one pilots is a band that started while tyler Joseph was in high school he started it with two other friends but soon the dropped out to start doing jobs "more practical" and from one of those ex band members they showed there music to josh who is now the drummer and he met up with tyler and they kicked it off immediately and became best friends and they started to make these kind of songs but they were only doing songs from there homes like in the video (which is what this video is about its to remind everyone of there roots, where they started off) but soon they started to play in clubs and bars and then in basements of some venues for bigger crowds and they eventually got signed by fueled by ramen went to release vessel and became bigger as soon as blurryface was released then they went on a haitus for exactaly one year to recuperate and take a break mentally and physically and then realesed there newest album trench. and there music has now one set of a genre its just them. I hoped this helped if you read it

  • GachaGwen 10

    GachaGwen 10

    Pred letom

    They’re from Columbus Ohio
    They don’t have a music genre / ukulele screamo
    The type of song is perfection

    10/10 double pass

  • Friends Play

    Friends Play

    Pred letom

    21 pilots street out