Feeding a City in Need

Objavljeno 5. apr. 2021
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THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER! Thank you so much for watching this channel and allowing us to grow this charity! :)
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Beast Philanthropy
  • Robert Saunders

    Robert Saunders

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    Dit is heel goed mrbeast

  • Hamdan Ahmad

    Hamdan Ahmad

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    #FreeSapnap #Shorts

  • Bunny Crewmate

    Bunny Crewmate

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    Fuck you mrbeast

    Nah uno reverse card

    You're good YouTuber

  • jaxx ller

    jaxx ller

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    Can you give 2000 dollar to me fan from india

  • No Limit For Life

    No Limit For Life

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    In San Diego and we have a homeless crisis here. I run a small nonprofit that is trying to do some BIG things. We have a solution to end it. Can you help us make it a reality Mr . Beast?

    • No Limit For Life

      No Limit For Life

      Pred 3 urami

      Please let me know where I can send the proposal!

  • NP_Swiftie


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    Just gotta say that "29000 < 28000"

  • flamer09chitos


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    All dislikers are from hell

  • Ben Renner

    Ben Renner

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    Mr beast is the only channel I dont skip ads on.

  • Jari Notter

    Jari Notter

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    Commenting for the algorithm

  • David Çepa

    David Çepa

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    you're a legend

  • victor chico

    victor chico

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  • Suhail Alm777

    Suhail Alm777

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    OMG 😲 mashalla you are so rich🤑💵💵💸

  • Lilly R

    Lilly R

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    im never pressing skip on this channel

  • Lisa Butterdorf

    Lisa Butterdorf

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    If He can Help a City in America, why Not India right now?

  • Zyrppa


    Pred 19 urami

    Are cars and gas so cheap that people in need of food can still use cars?

  • Jaeric Miguel Balaba

    Jaeric Miguel Balaba

    Pred 19 urami

    this is just so good for the heart

  • Moses Kibui

    Moses Kibui

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    mr beast is soo helpfull

  • UwU


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    𝚒 𝚊𝚕𝚠𝚊𝚢𝚜 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝚋𝚊𝚌𝚔

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    keshuna miller

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  • Kenneth Loveridge

    Kenneth Loveridge

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    Give me more ads

  • Johns


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    Seriously who can thumbs down a video like this? Dude is giving his time and $$ he makes for a worthy cause, thumbs it up and share. We need more people like this in the world.

  • Freefire Three

    Freefire Three

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    In people's hearts 💕

  • Minetendo


    Pred 22 urami

    I showed this to my parents
    They said "this guy is a dweeeeeb hes such a loooserr"

  • William Blevins

    William Blevins

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    I didn't know mr.beast was my dad

  • uya pong TV

    uya pong TV

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  • Davandeep M P

    Davandeep M P

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    1:50 yeah 'Bill Gates'

  • Christine Goodwin

    Christine Goodwin

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    Thank you for being so nice

  • ItsJesse


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    1:41 what about the straw hat you wear too

  • Rich roblox DUDE

    Rich roblox DUDE

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  • capital fun

    capital fun

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  • Cardinal J

    Cardinal J

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    I want to convince Mr. Beast to invest in $FEG for charity

  • Joel Wilfred

    Joel Wilfred

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    i just love his vids

  • cariza carmel ercillo

    cariza carmel ercillo

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    If I know how to earn money here in youtube..I wish to be MsBeast

  • Hidden _white

    Hidden _white

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    I have been following mr. beast for a long time now and I find in the end that he likes helping people and then people say that the things money he gives away is all planned and all his videos are scripted I don’t believe that and I love his videos

  • Elissa&Sophia AJ

    Elissa&Sophia AJ

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    I didn't know he had so many channels bye gotta go subscribe to every other channel

  • ashwin u

    ashwin u

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    Amazing work

  • Xxkarl __Jacobsxx

    Xxkarl __Jacobsxx

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    I didn’t think Jimmy’s disguise would actually work😶 I’m surprised Jimmy💀

  • Masterman Tejas

    Masterman Tejas

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    Do you think people having cars are poor enough to not have meals😒😒😂

  • Mum Tahina

    Mum Tahina

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    I wish there was a Mr.beast in my country too
    Our country needs a person like him sooooo badly

  • Soumya Chakraborty

    Soumya Chakraborty

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    If Mr beast can feed a city, he can run a government too

  • Brandon Dean

    Brandon Dean

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    when capitalism and governments go completely haywire and everything is wrong, and some young bruv figures out how to fix it a little.

    • Kyrie Erving

      Kyrie Erving

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      Ok Neckbeard.

  • Amanda Chu Chu

    Amanda Chu Chu

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    jimmy:gives out money
    bill:only makes people cry

  • potato7


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    Why the hell is this Channel does not have 10mil sups?!

  • Mateo Underrated

    Mateo Underrated

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    Can I have $10,000

  • leonardo arias

    leonardo arias

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    BIG BRAINS: just upload short videos(a couple seconds long) then (like you said) by watching we will help grow this charity :)

  • Jack Brooks

    Jack Brooks

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    Hey you should donate to port country’s like Guatemala it’s sad how people live there. We take for granted what we have

  • •Cutesy Angel• ツ

    •Cutesy Angel• ツ

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    Why would someone dislike this?

  • squire5


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    Poor people don’t want coconut water. Waste of money

  • Alan kenai

    Alan kenai

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    I watched a hole 3 min ad

  • Adijan Hasanovic

    Adijan Hasanovic

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    Keep up the good work

  • Zakariya Aws YT

    Zakariya Aws YT

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    2.1k dislikes from the citys who didn't get anything



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    Bro if only u can come to the pacific bro

  • Gabriel De Leon

    Gabriel De Leon

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    Mr.beast weird thing i noticed but were wearing the same striped shorts is the brand American eagle?....

  • Erica Hebulan

    Erica Hebulan

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    The best content creator.

  • Brian Nguyen

    Brian Nguyen

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    watch this without a ad blocker for his ad revenue

  • TheGamer


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    Who disliked this

  • KICKS Vergara

    KICKS Vergara

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    No words but pure gratitude for you and your team (I mean friends!)

  • Udith Hembram

    Udith Hembram

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    Cool bro

  • Zusi Ine

    Zusi Ine

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    I’m really happy bout this channel

  • mary matakaki

    mary matakaki

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    Im calling it: mrbeast 2069 will be like we helped a continent in need

  • May Hamade

    May Hamade

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    No hate but why is Tareq always wearing same clothe

  • joey nnn

    joey nnn

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    ill be watching every video

  • Filip lol

    Filip lol

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    I will put this on repeat

  • RydersTv


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    May god bless you today and always mr beast

  • Bun Bun :3

    Bun Bun :3

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    I swear you could solve world hunger

  • Preston Moore

    Preston Moore

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    Amazing video

  • Inceptual


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    Why did 2.1k dislike this?? HE DONATED FOOD TO A POOR OL' CITY! Whoever dislikes these videos are terrible and don’t care about anyone but themselves. Do NOT dislike.

  • Zeyad Ali

    Zeyad Ali

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  • Zeyad Ali

    Zeyad Ali

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  • loOlivier Noah Bonilla

    loOlivier Noah Bonilla

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    Only channel I don’t skip ads no matter how long they are. Hoping it helps in something

  • jmg


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    Hello MrBeast, I hope you can also help us on our organize community pantry here in the Philippines.

  • jmg


    Pred dnevom

    Hello MrBeast, I hope you can also help us on our organize community pantry here in the Philippines.

  • suzy Ansah

    suzy Ansah

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    you sad fill

  • DUKE 77

    DUKE 77

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    Video costs thousands and 4 min long...nice

  • AdamPlayzRoblox!


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    merch for this channel is smart cuz we get something and the charity gets something thats a really good deal! cant wait

  • Vequalia


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    it feels wierd to say this but uhm...
    i got no ads :((

  • Joi Casiñas

    Joi Casiñas

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    Jimmy's laugh at 2:33 hahahahaha itsss so pure and cute

  • Slime Salsa

    Slime Salsa

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    Bro you’re crazy. You’re a real good person. If in this world we had more mrbeast it would be an awesome world for sure.

  • Joeboy


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  • Nermin B

    Nermin B

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    Mr beasts. Come to my city. 60,000 residents. So you can say you fed a whole city

  • Craig Heckman

    Craig Heckman

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  • Big Smoke

    Big Smoke

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    I expected them to be in Africa but this is ok

    • Prince Vecheetah

      Prince Vecheetah

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      Where in Africa? Learn to be more specific

  • Kishan R

    Kishan R

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    Mr beast is the man sent by God himself

  • Sheenaaz Shareef

    Sheenaaz Shareef

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    Hbt maldives

  • Gaming with ham and mayo

    Gaming with ham and mayo

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    Hi Mr.Bill

  • David Storm

    David Storm

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    I do this all the time at work. The packing part sucks but it’s nice when you see how much people appreciate it



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    This man is going to end world hunger



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    Beast philanthropy is gonna beat MrBeast

  • Tyson Tube

    Tyson Tube

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    God is good

  • Macattack Gaming

    Macattack Gaming

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    What a holes disliked this?

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    Wow TV

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    Sana all nakakakain ng libre.

  • Rhys D

    Rhys D

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  • Waluigi 2119

    Waluigi 2119

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    Hopefully he’ll use that disguise “bill.” again sometime.

  • HoOme


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    you see now this is the Mr beast I know!

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi / Master Jedi and high grounder

    Obi-Wan Kenobi / Master Jedi and high grounder

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    Mr beast is the only reason we have faith in humanity

  • karzan lek

    karzan lek

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    nice work

  • DiNo __TEA

    DiNo __TEA

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    One day Mr Beast will be like a world wide hero if he does that world wide

  • mat matter

    mat matter

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    I need help

  • Suyash Singh

    Suyash Singh

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    Yo Jimmy .. Open Up 1 or 2 MrBeast Restaurant In India TOO PLEASE!!

  • Jireh The Best GachaTuber

    Jireh The Best GachaTuber

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    Hi bill